Scrivener for iPadOs/iOs ...

Hello Scrivener team,

I just wanted to leave a quick question for the iPadOs version and was stunned to find that there is no “Feedback” section in the forum as there is for the other versions. Hope that’s not a bad sign.
I wanted to ask how the development of the iPadOs version is going, because there hasn’t been an update adding new features for a while. I really enjoy using the iPadOs version and hope it will continue to be maintained and expanded, as it is still limited to the basic Scrivener functions. Do you have an update on the state of affairs?


Oh, oh … No comment to my question. I start to worry a bit about the future of the iPadOs version … :open_mouth:

Are you missing anything specific? It’s working fine as far as I can tell.

L&L seem to think so, too

We do not announce future releases.

I can assure you, though, that iOS Scrivener is still being developed and is definitely an important part of our plans going forward.

With that said, what specifically do you believe to be broken or missing? Many of the “limitations” of iOS Scrivener can be traced to differences between Mac OS and iOS. Feature parity between the two platforms is unlikely.


Hi Katherine,

Thank you much for your reply.

Of course, as a long-time user, I know you guys don’t announce new releases. I was just irritated that there has been no update for a long time, except for the adaptation to the new iOs, and it is also relatively quiet in the forum.

Since my work relies massively on Scrivener, as my main application, I just wanted to knock and ask how things stand.
About the current version: I realize that there probably won’t be feature parity between iPadOs and macOs. Also, I can work well with the current version, although I miss a few features and a few bugs bother me.

  1. the search function under iOs still produces strange (erroneous) displays in the “binder”. The bug has been around for a while and is irritating (screenshot 1).
  2. since the beginning, graphics embedded in documents are not displayed although the directories are synchronized with the illustrations and are on the iPad.
  3. what I miss the most is the use of collections under iPadOs. Since I use collections very intensively, and also track my writing progress in relation to certain collections, the progress indicator is always wrong/different under iPadOs than under macOs.
    There are still a few minor things that I miss but am fine without, such as more options for outputting different formats under iPadOs.
    Basically, of course, I’m hoping for further development of the iPadOs version, as it’s enormously useful for me on the go.
    On a related note, I also wonder if L&L is aiming for a hybrid version for iPadOs and macOs with the move to Apple Silicon.
    As you can see, I continue to have a lot of interest in the Scrivener mobile version and I look forward to seeing what else you guys develop.
    Finally, I want to thank you and the whole team for this great app and encourage you to keep up the good work.

Kind regards,