Dear Scrivener,

I would like to propose and important missing feature is included in your iOS version.

I purchased Scrivener some time ago but stopped using it for the following reason:

As a writer I want to be able to write notes, descriptions, ideas related to particular aspects on my novel while out and about and then keep them organised so that I can use them effectively next time I am writing the novel.

There was no way of using my iPhone /iPad to take notes on particular aspects then sync these directly to Binder Folders relating to those specific aspects on the novel.

The best I could do would be to use Simple notes to have one large confused heap of unsorted notes, which could sync into a Binder folder of unsorted notes.


I would like with as few taps as possible to opening the iOS Scrivener, be presented with a link of Binder Folders that I can customise, reorder, create and delete on the iOS device as well as on the Desktop Scrivener.
i.e. Binder Folder: Descriptions of Buildings
Binder Folder: Chapter One Plot Ideas
Binder Folder: Protangoist Notes
Binder Folder: Ideas for Part Two

I would then like with as few taps as possible to enter the folder and presented with a Blank Note page where I can enter my note. IMPORTANTLY I want the device to use the first line of text as the filename and not request that I fill separate box to name the note. I take notes often in a rush, mid conversation, crowded underground and I want to be able to enter them quickly.

I would also like to see Siri Voice Dictation enabled so again, if I am carrying two bags of shopping, a baby, a horses head, driving or what ever, I get the thought down in the correct folder easily.

I would then like these iOS binder folders and contents to be synced automatically with desktop version of Scrivener. So that I just sit at my desk and the those wonderful lines of dialog, or descriptions of a persons face, are sorted into the correct categories (Binder Folders) so I don’t have to search for them and can get on with writing and using my notes effectively and easily as I continue with my novel.

How do others feel about this idea?
Is this something you plan to include?

Best wishes,


At this stage we certainly can’t guarantee any specific feature will make it in or not, or exactly how features will be implemented.

But… Like you, we do feels that making notes will be a pretty key feature of the app on the iPhone, and we’ll be keeping the steps through the user interface to the minimum we can.

Siri dictation (For the main text input) should be one those It just works things, as it’s built into iOS 5 with a specific key on the software keyboard.

Using Siri for app voice control will probably be something apple bring to the platform at some point. At the moment I’d say the round trip processing time for apple to interpret the speech off the device isn’t quite good enough for app control, maybe when Apple take Siri out of “Beta”

You might have better luck using OmniFocus.

If you’re not familiar with it, OF is a task manager based on Getting Things Done (GTD.) Omni has versions for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

They all have a fast-open notepad for capturing ideas, that also has many options for filing or categorizing the information. You can capture something on your iPhone, and it’s auto-synced to your desktop in the categories you chose. Later you can export or copy/paste the notes into Scrivener.