Scrivener for iPhone?

Is their a Scrivener’s version for the iPhone? If it is available, how do I get it?

The iOS version of Scrivener is in development. Full details here…

We’re almost half way through 2014 now though, and this has been on the way for a few years. Would be nice to see a target for NaNoWriMo 2014, with the understanding that the developer may need to de-scope some features along the way to meet that date.

De-scoping has been discussed and determined to be impractical, given what various folks would consider to be a minimally acceptable subset. By the time you get done including required underpinnings and the differing minimum subsets that various folks want, you’re at about 99.9% of the whole thing.

NanoWriMo 2014 as a hoped for target? Gosh, bet that thought has never crossed L&L’s minds :stuck_out_tongue:

I can think of all sorts of reasons to think it likely we’ll see it yet this year.

But as John Carmack and id learned to say relative to Doom, Quake, Rage, etc… best to say and stick with “when it’s done”.

Or as Neil Gaiman has pointed out regarding people’s expectations/demands whether author George R.R. Martin will manage to stay ahead of the TV production of Game of Thrones, “George R.R. Martin is not your b*****”.
See … ssues.html
And :slight_smile:


The official update on iOS was in January this year. We are now six months in with less than 5 month till this years NaNoWriMo.

Can we please have a ‘state of play’ announcement. I need to know if I have to start looking at alternatives as I don’t want the clunky solution I have had for the last 2 years to get stuff I’ve done on my iPad to merge with stuff I did on my Windows Scrivener.

I not looking for promises, I’m looking for an honest assessment of where things are please.

I’m trying to imagine using Scrivener on a phone but failing.
Maybe to review what I typed yesterday, but full-scale revising or composing?
The current limitations on input seem to rule against that scenario.

Anyway, I’d advise against dictating to the folks in charge
A version of the app that satisfies narrow personal needs.

I personally am not interested in iPhone, am interested in iOS. I type a fair amount into my iPad. I don’t think I’m alone.

Also, I’m not even looking for a full version. I just want to be able to review what I already have, and type stuff that will seamlessly appear in my project on my windows machine.

As I write, it’s still on track for this year. I can’t promise it will be out in time to do all your NaNoWriMo planning on it, though. We’d like to get it out for NaNo, but it will be finished when it’s finished, I’m afraid. If we don’t post any updates, it just means that we don’t have anything to report just yet (and people are understandably fed up of “we’re working on it” status updates). It is in full-time development, and we’ll post more news when it’s closer to release and we can start showing you screenshots.

The iPhone works beautifully, too, by the way. :slight_smile:

Will the iPhone version have the Sci Fi translation?

Only if iPhones become flip-up communicators.


I am amazed no one has asked for Scrivener for Smart Watches.

Pig fender, I’m assuming your comment is sarcastic. I have no laptop, and do 40 of my work away from my PC, using my iPad and a bluetooth keyboard. It us an excellent solution. Whilst you may not understand other’s views on how/where they would like to write, there is no need for disrespecting them.

I personally would not use it on an iPhone, but others might. I am only interested in an iOS version. Something which L&L have been saying for quite some time is coming.

“Pigfender” is all one word.

“Assuming” as in “inferring a conclusion without any supporting evidence”?

Specific comment not specified creating ambiguity. Potentially you meant “comments”? Have you even posted in the correct thread?

There is no evidence to support that. In any case, your two options are: 1) it was sarcasm, in which case just go with the humour, dude; or 2) it wasn’t sarcasm, in which case who are you to belittle my opinions, you Thought-Nazi! :wink:

I can sympathise with that, although given that you can get a laptop for less than the price of an iPad or iPhone these days, that’s probably a personal choice?

Units not specified.

Okay, so you do have a PC. You can definitely get a laptop for the price of an iPad, a bluetooth keyboard and a PC.

So it’s your iPad, but only a keyboard? For the record I personally prefer to think this is just an example of incongruous possessors, rather than a Freudian admission of theft.


Passing off opinion as an objective fact, without providing supporting evidence of appropriate comparators, robust evaluation methodology / criteria, and peer review.

There is (again) no evidence to support this. It is arrogant, surely, to assume that the reason for an individual’s divergent opinion is due to ignorance or incompetence.

Incorrect apostrophe use. “Other” should be plural here, so the apostrophe should be after the “s”.

Nothing wrong with this bit. Good for you!

Sloppy phrasing. “no need to disrespect them” would have worked better, or you could have had “no need for disrespect”. Also, my comments asked about language translations and continued a riff started by the Mods on emerging technology / smart watches. I’m inferring a conclusion with only limited supporting evidence that you typed angry without reading the linked XKCD post?
Unless you knew I’d type this in response to your rant? Are you psychic? I FEAR YOU.

Why not? You’ve not tried it yet, you have a clear preference for mobility in writing, and the only available evidence from a reliable source who has seen the software in operation (and for the record, has probably the widest experience in testing writing software of any of us) has said it “works beautifully”.

Non-committal, despite there being overwhelming empirical evidence to support your view. “…but others definitely will” would have been a much stronger argument.

Since you already have a PC, you should definitely try out the Windows and Mac OS versions. They really do ROCK.

I know! I’m excited! Aren’t you?

BTW - I was typing this on my iPhone on a train, so please forgive any typos, etc.

I’d settle for, ’ The Idiot’s(’) Guide to, Scrivener’s Tutorial For Scrivener v1.1, For Dunmmies

So, Pigfender, are you indeed amazed that no one as asked for Scrivener for Smart Watch?

When used other than to start a sentence, “pigfender” isn’t capitalised.

I think Scrivener is the killer application that will define the SmartWatch platform, especially if it can be integrated with something like Dragon Dictate.

Of course, it would only need a limited set of features compared to the desktop version.

OK then pigfender. (is there an interesting story behind the name?)

Since I know nothing of Smart Watches (unless you mean ones that look smart), I cannot comment.

Also, since I cannot tell whether you are being genuine, or ironic (which is the word I tend to use when describing humorous sarcasm), I will leave you to your thoughts rather than explore it further and risk further critique of my writing ability :smiley: .

Gordon, in context, Pigfender wasn’t being sarcastic towards you or anyone else (at least not in his first post - he seems to have gone off on one since :slight_smile: ). As a bit of fun, when the Windows team were localising the interface into different languages, Pigfender created them a “sci-fi” translation" (with lots of Star Trek references in the menu items if you installed it). It’s been a sort of running joke that I keep telling him we can’t have that in the Mac version - hence his joke about whether we’d have it in the iPhone version, which led to the flip-up communicator/Smart Watch banter.

(Also, if Apple does announce Smart Watches, I can guarantee that users will email us halfway through their presentation asking us if we are going to develop for the Smart Watch. :slight_smile: Which, by the way, is not a gripe - it’s very nice to have enthusiastic users, and as frustrating for us as it is for them that we’ve kept them waiting so long for the iOS version.)

As for that iOS version, I wish we had kept quiet about it rather than announce that we were working on it when we did, and kept up a “we have no news on that” facade for as long as it took, but you live and learn (although I’m sure that would have frustrated users too).