Scrivener for license

The current beta version of Scrivener says it will expire June 30th. I want to buy a license but it won’t be ready by then. Does that mean I will lose all of my work as of June 30th? If that is the case we would have to save it before the program expired? Or can we get a license before that date? If not how do you update a new beta version of scrivener? If we update a new version does that mean that all work will be lost if we don’t download it first? Thanks for answering my questions

There will be a new beta release prior to the expiration date. The new release will have an updated expiration (yet to be announced). So stay tuned to the forum here, there should be an announcement within the coming days, and you might even see a notice in your program, too, alerting you that an update is available.

I’m feeling a bit nervous as well. The program says there are no updates and it’s a day off the June 30th beta expiry.

Will we still have access to our documents after that date? How will the expiry affect us if there is no update?

Yes since I a bit technologically inept I would also like to know whether updating a beta version of software loses previous work! Thanks so much for your reply :smiley:

I’ve never had it do so, however, it’s a good idea to back up your work (there’s a backup command) before upgradeing.

I did have one version that reverted to a previous save (I rename and save on a regular basis) leading me to believe I had lost work for a few minutes.