Scrivener for Linux not compiling the full text


I use Scrivener for many things, being one of them to create documentation at work. I’ve discovered when trying to share a document with colleagues that when I compile my document, there are parts of it that are not exported (the headers are there, but the text is missing), so I have to copy and paste the documents from the rtf files.

I tried to update my version of Scrivener to see if it helped, and I was surprised to discover that there is no 1.7 version for Linux and that no version has been released since November.

I own Scrivener licenses for Mac OS and Windows, and I would like to use it also at work (in a Fedora 20), paying for it. But in order to do so it needs to be usable. Is there any plans to update the version? (and provide a RPM, if I may ask?)