Scrivener for Mac and saving word documents

Hello all.
I have Scrivener on my MacBook- I have found an agency I want to submit my work to however they want it sent in Word document. I do not have Word on my Mac, do I need to purchase word in order to compile in its format? I have seen that you can use Word online with a Microsoft account- would this be enough to save it as a word document? I am not the most technically minded individual and am (embarrassingly) early confused by technical jargon.
Thank you in advance for any help and guidance :blush:

First, what happened when you tried to compile to Word (docs format best)? [My Hunch is it worked or should work, but best you experience this for yourself]

Most all other word processors can read Word files for you to check it before you send.

You could just compile it to RTF and send them that. Word can read RTF.

Compiling to DOCX doesn’t require you to have Word installed. If you need to check the resulting document, Nisus Writer Pro, Mellel, Open/Libre Office and Pages can all open DOCX files. In my experience, Pages is probably the best for complex documents, but any of them will do it well.



I haven’t tried! I have only compiled to a pdf- but will give it a go- thank you!

Ok thank you all for your help :slight_smile: :grin: