Scrivener for Mac not compiling to RTF

Hi, Everyone,

I’m on a MacBook Pro (Intel-based) running MacOS 12.3 and Scrivener for Mac 3.2.3.

A while back I began having problems with compiling a project to MS Word, and I was advised to compile to RTF instead. I did that, and the problems ended.

Now I have a new problem: I can compile the same project to MS Word (although the single jpeg image in the file doesn’t come through), but I can’t compile to RTF. The progress bar gets to about 80-90% and then it just hangs.

This wasn’t a problem the last time I compiled the project a few weeks ago (28 Feb 2022). This problem appears to be unique to this one project: I can compile an earlier version of it from last year to RTF. FYI, I tried compiling it to RTF without the image, and it still doesn’t work.

I have an exported MS Word version, so it’s not the end of the world, but I don’t want to keep editing the same project if it’s corrupted.

Any ideas? Has anyone else had this problem?


Have you copied content from outside sources like web pages into your project since your last successful compile?

When I faced—rarely and quite some time ago—weird behaviour in regard of compiling it was due to gremlins in copied text, i. e. characters you don’t even see but which can cause trouble.

If you can tell which documents you have changed since the last successful compile exclude them all from compiling. And if you then get a properly compiled RTF add the excluded documents one by one—or at least in small groups so you can pinpoint the cause of the problem—and compile with every added content.

If you have found the cause create a new document, copy the content from the trouble file into it as plain text and try to compile again.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Everything in the file is original (not copied) text, including the image (a screenshot that I made). I have tried replacing the image, and also compiling the project without the image, with no luck.

I’m hoping to avoid recreating the project from scratch, but it may come to that. . . .


Before re-creating from scratch … going on the assumption that it is the content of one or more of the files in the project … in the compile settings, list of files to include, unselect all, then select a few at a time and compile. with success select a few more, compile. Go until the compile fails then narrow down which file it from the last group of selections.

Are you using Styles in the project, and specifically in the problem section?

Any other unusual formatting?

If you’d like for the support team to take a look at the project, you can open a support ticket, here:

Thanks, Everyone! I’ll give the compile-a-few-at-a-time a try. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll open a ticket.