Scrivener for mac - scroller can't be changed?

Good morning,

I’m new to scrivener and have just downloaded the demo version. Playing around with it a bit, impressed with the possibilities and how much you can tweak it to your own preferences. One thing which seems to not be working properly is the ‘scroller’ in composition mode. What i get now when I enter composition now is that the inertion point is in the middle of the screen, always. If I try to input text higher or lower on the screen, the intertion point jumps back to the middle.

In preferences I can choose different ‘scroller’ modes, which I think should change this behaviour. For example turning it to ‘no scroller’ would lead me to think that the ‘insertion point always in the middle’ behaviour disappears and that I can edit as in a normal word processor. However, changing the settings of the scroller in preferences does nothing. The behaviour stays the same, i.e. insertion point always in the middle, no matter what setting I choose.

Bug? Or am I misunderstanding something here? I’m on OS X 10.10.2.


Welcome to Scrivener, and the forum.

You may have Typewriter Scrolling turned on. Go to Format > Options > Typewriter Scrolling, and uncheck it.

Hi Hugh,

Thanks for the quick reply. Changing typewriter scrolling to on or off seems to make no difference. It only changes the behaviour when I’m not in composition mode - i.e. in the normal editor window. If I set it to typewriter, I get the insertion point in the middle of the screen, if not, it’s wherever I click. This is to be expected. However, if I turn typewriter scrolling off in the format section, and also choose ‘no scroller’ in preferences for composition view, I STILL get the insertion point in the middle of the screen.

Are you changing the Typewriter mode setting whilst you’re actually in Composition mode? The setting is independent for each of the modes (‘normal’ and ‘composition’) – presumably because some people like it for writing, but not for editing.

Just use the shortcut ctl-cmd-T in the current mode to toggle it on or off for that mode and the setting will persist when you return to it.

No, I change the typewriter mode while out of composition mode. This works fine - I can turn it on and off. It’s composition mode that seems to be unresponsive to the scroller setting I choose in preferences - the insetionpoint/cursor is always in the middle of the screen no matter what setting I choose.

Apologies if I’m misunderstanding you, but that’s exactly the point I’m trying to make. You have to change the typewriting setting while you’re in composition mode.

There are effectively two independent typewriter scrolling settings. One for normal mode and one for composition mode.

Could you just try setting it to off explicitly (Format > Options > Typewriter scrolling is unticked) while you’re in composition mode and see if the problem persists (I can’t reproduce it at all).

And incidentally, if you can’t see the menu bar when you’re in Composition mode, move your cursor to the top of the screen.

Hi hugh,

That does the trick - now I can indeed turn ‘typewriter’ option on/off while in composition mode. This had me thoroughly confused, thanks for clearing it up!

I now also see that ‘scroller’ in preferences actually refers to something else - it’s the scrollbar on the right-hand side of the document in composition mode, it has nothing to do with the insertion point being in the middle of the screen or not.

Last question:
I do like the typewriter mode - I would prefer to write this way when writing new content, I think. However, is there any way to change where on the screen the insertion point is locked? It’s now right in the middle of the screen, but I would prefer to have it a bit more towards the top of the screen. Not a big deal if this isn’t possible, but Scrivener is so tweakable that it wouldn’t surprise me if this was possible. :slight_smile:

I just answered my own question, it can be changed (found it in the pdf manual) - for those reading this later with the same issue, it’s in preferences in the ‘editor’ section. Love this, really awesome feature!

Glad it worked. Don’t forget the shortcut – ctl-cmd-T toggles Typewriter Scrolling for that mode. You don’t need the menu.