Scrivener for Mac: Search for specific words in annotations

Hi all,
Does anyone have a tip for searching through annotations? I’m trying to figure out a way to search through annotations I’ve written the same way I do in iAnnotate. I’m in the middle of writing a very large document, and I’ve also been taking notes along-side what I’ve written. For some reason, when I try the Search by Formatting, I’m unable to search through specific annotations I’ve created…Any thoughts?
Thanks so much!


When you select Find by Formatting, you should be able to choose the following:

Find: Inline Annotations
Containing Text: (whatever text you want to look for)
Search In: (All Documents or Selected Documents)

You can further limit your search by annotation color, which is useful if you color code your notes. If you don’t, be sure to set this to “Any Color” so you don’t unnecessarily limit the search.

If you’re using inspector comments instead of inline annotations, you can use the FbF in a similar fashion, just choosing “Comments & Footnotes” in the Find field and then narrowing that to “Comments” in the Type field.

Hope that helps!


Did you ever get this to work?

I am using iAnnotate to highlight and annotate PDFs. I exported an annotated (not flattened) PDF from iAnnotate and imported it into Scrivener. The highlights and annotations show up great in Scrivener. But I cannot get the annotated text to appear in Scrivener search results.

I tried what MimeticMouton suggested. And I tried various other techniques, too. No luck.

Is this possible?


This tip is for working like one might in iAnnotate, using inline annotations or inspector comments to attach notes to the text editor. It isn’t going to help you out with imported PDFs that have been annotated—using iAnnotate literally—those use a different system entirely, and as you note, they don’t always put the annotated text into the PDF’s text stream, either, which might be why you can’t search for any phrases of your own. Flattening the PDF should resolve that (but I haven’t tested it).