Scrivener for multiple machines

I work from two Macs (an MB Pro and a G4 PB, both running Leopard), one at work and one at home. I’m currently working on a book project and need access to my work on both machines. I just started using Scrivener on trial. I like it so far and think I’ll “go legit” and buy a registration.

I have two questions:

  1. Do I need to buy two keys to activate Scrivener on both machines? Of course I’d rather just buy one, but would like to know what is required.

  2. I’d like access to my project from either machine. I know some users have complained about the slowness of iDisk on .mac (I myself have a .mac subscription, and I keep my Zotero database on it so I can access it from both machines). I’ve read KB recommend against this for Scrivener. Is there another way? If there is no other way other than copying the files from one machine to another, which files to I need to copy over?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Hello and Welcome.

First thing to do is read the Scrivener FAQ. … .php?t=318

Your first question is answered at the top. 1 license = 5 seats.

Second question: Think of machine A as holding the master copy of your project. Make a ZIP of the project.scriv file, then copy it to a flash drive or the Documents folder of your iDisk. At machine B, plug in your flash drive or go to iDisk. Download the ZIP file and expand it.

It’s much faster to copy a ZIP file than the original scriv file, which is a package containing many files.

Thank you!

Actually, one licence = five seats is incorrect. Rather, Scrivener has a “household” licence. This allows you install Scrivener:

  • on any machines that you own and which are primarily used by you.
  • on any machines in your home that are used by your immediate family (wife, kids setc).
  • on a work machine provided you are the primary user and take reasonable steps to ensure that nobody else uses Scrivener on that machine.

In other words, there is no actual limit (if you had ten kids with ten computers in your house, you could install on all - though I would pity you :slight_smile: whilst if you have only one machine and one at work, you could only install on two). Rather, you are only limited to ensuring that you aren’t sharing it with work colleagues, giving it to other people, using one licence for multiple employees - common sense stuff, really. I hate having to buy two licences just so that myself and my partner can use a piece of software, hence the “household” licence.


FAQ will be fixed shortly. I think that answer came from pre-release wording in a thread on pricing.

I had to drop my MacBook, only two months old, off to have its fits of narcolepsy cured. I probably won’t get it back for about two weeks (if all goes well). In the meantime, my SO made me a gift of an old version of OS X 10.4 to upgrade my old (and I mean OLD) Powerbook, which previously ran OS 9.2. Now I can install Scrivener on the old machine! But how? I know I can download it again from the website, but what the heck is my license number? I looked all over the copy on my MacBook before I took it to the shop, but I didn’t see a number.

Keith, could I get it from you? Do you need both my name and e-mail address, or what?

Don`t panic, as soon as Keith sees your post, hell get back to you with all the relevant info.

Its only 9.50am over here, so hell still be tucking into his five bowls of cheese puffs for breakfast. :wink:


Just drop me a line at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com with the name you used to register and your e-mail address. That way I can pull your details from the database and re-send you your licence number.


Thank you very much for getting me the license number so quickly! Now I have to stop procrastinating and actually redo my resume and shop it around. Ahh, impending unemployment - you’d think I’d feel more motivated, but I’m just annoyed. The only good thing is this time I’m writing my resume in Scrivener, which at least makes it fun. I may even do my shopping lists in Scrivener! Hey, could I do my taxes - never mind.