Scrivener for Presentations (exporting index cards)

Although I think the question is about exporting index cards, there may already be a better solution.

I have only just started using Scrivener, and I know this isn’t what it’s designed for, but what I would like to do is use the Index cards as the text for slides in Keynote or Powerpoint and then the actual draft folder as the text that produces the hand out that goes with the presentation.

In my mind this would need exporting the index cards in a way they could be imported into Keynote/PowerPoint, which unless I am missing it, can’t be done. So the first question is whether this is possible.

I currently use Beamer and Lyx for this, which works well as I only need to maintain a single document, tag which text belongs to the article and which text belongs to the presenation. This makes keeping the handout and presentation slides up to date really easy.

But it struck me that the way that the index cards are both integrated AND separate in Scrivener could also make scrivener an ideal tool for this task.

Has anyone any thoughts on this, and indeed any help with index card export question.

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What file format would the cards need to be in were they to be imported into Powerpoint?
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Thanks for the quick reply, I didn’t (don’t) know the answer to the question, but searching the OmniOutliner forum suggests exporting to MS Word (HTML) format as a way of getting the OmniOutlines into powerpoint. Which may also be a route for Scrivener.

If I find out anything else I will pass it on.


If I remember rightly, Scrivener — I don’t have it open at the moment and am about to go to bed — now exports to OPML. OmniOutliner opens OPML and exports to a basic Keynote 1 format that can be opened in Keynote and re-themed to the current version or tweaked into a form that can be exported to PowerPoint.

Long route, I suppose, but if you’ve got Keynote, why bother at all with PowerPoint is my view. And I haven’t tried it so I don’t know if the card content will export to OPML.


Yes, there are four options available:

  • Titles
  • Titles + Synopses
  • Titles + Text (Full Draft export)
  • Titles + Notes

So you can in fact do a full manuscript export to OPML; or if you’ve done all of the writing on the “face” of the cards in the corkboard, the second option would be what you want.

I shall give this a try, thanks.


This is interesting to me as well. I do writing on dog training and use it on a web site, training books, working on books, working on Keynote, video presentations.

It also struck me that the “Index Cards” could serve as web site subject/product descriptions and the greater text files serve as product or the detail for those who want to pursue the “how to”.