Scrivener for taking notes?

I’ve just started using scrivener and love it for its ease of organizing long papers. Fits my style well.

I love it so much that I’d like to take all my notes for classes in it. I see a scenario where one sriv file per class, and then I can make folders and files for each session and reading notes.

This would work, except that I don’t think Srivener has no regular outlining features. I know you can outline separate files from the cork board, but this isn’t exactly what I’m looking for, I’d just like simple bullet/numbering system within documents.

Is this possible?


Scrivener has the same bullet point system as TextEdit. Just show the ruler (cmd-R) and select the bullet points you want to use from the Lists pop-up, or go to Text > List… for more control over your bullet points.


Oh, how embarrassing. Thanks Keith! The program is now perfect for me. Great work.

Is there any chance that Scrivener might include LinkBack? I love the organisational interface, but for a few things, Omnioutliner and Omnigraffle hit the spot. Being able to include their content in Scrivener would be wonderful.

(this is apropos of the original topic in that OO has been my outliner of choice hitherto. I need Scrivener, and keeping OO seperate will just lead to me ignoring OO documents. I can switch to Scrivener’s outlining capability, but having my preferred outliner’s output in Scrivener would give me everything I want)



have you read the thread about importing Omnioutliner via Multimarkdown into Scrivener?


Yeah, but that’s unidirectional; Linkback would mean the ability to use OO for outlining while using Scrivener for normal drafting as well as organising.


No chance any time soon, I’m afraid, though I am aware of Linkback and may look at it in the future. It hasn’t been updated in a long time, though.