Scrivener for the web

Can anybody think of a smart way to store a Scriv doc on the web? Viewable, scrollable, probably not editable. I bet there is a solution out there that would make it possible. The only alternative I can think of, is vncing into a Mac running Scriv, prob with that is that vnc means a lot of downloaded mbs, expensive on the road.

More thoughts.

Anything that would make Scriv work with the iPhone would also be highly interesting.

What about using Evernote for a one-way export to the web. Upload limits is a possible problem.

Or a web database that will accept sounds, pics, rich text etc? Can Bento publish to the web?

You can choose ‘File -> Compile draft -> HTML’ and upload that to some webspace. It won’t look like Scrivener, just one large file with all your writing in it.

Or, select the documents, go to ‘File ->Print current documents’ and in the print dialogue choose ‘save as pdf’ for Evernote.