Scrivener for TvOS/Apple TV

With Apple’s new TvOS, comes the availability of apps for the Apple TV. I’m wondering if there’s any thought given to making Scrivener available for the TVOS. It would be a dream to have the capacity to work in my living room in front of a 50" plasma on Scrivener, with perhaps a bluetooth keyboard, and (if compatible) mouse. That would be outta this world y’all!

Will TVOS run iOS applications?

If so, then the iOS version is in development.

If not, I would guess that any TVOS version would be quite a long way away, after both the iOS and possible Android versions are done and only if there turns out to be substantial user demand.


I guess a workaround would be to run iOS and then Airplay the whole thing to your TV.

I am hoping that when Scrivener comes to tvOS, it will be a video game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Terry Gilliam was right.

That would never be approved by Apple. Enhanced support for AirPlay from your iPhone or iPad is the closest you’ll get. Apple doesn’t want Apple TV applications that require long sessions or web browsing for productivity. It’s not the right medium, and one of the reasons why there is no Bluetooth keyboard support.

If you just want to have a 50" monitor, AirPlay to it or use an HDMI cable from your iPad, iPhone or Mac.

Just remember that images will burn into a plasma display pretty quickly. Televisions and monitors are similar but have different designs. And consider the ergonomics of a plasma display that close to your face for such a long time.

I don’t claim to know what apple wants, but I’m assuming that allowing the creation of third party apps allows for the expansion of the Apple TV’s usage beyond simply being an ‘entertainment device’.

Apparently you can attach a BT keyboard to Apple’s TV btw.

I’ve actually tried Pages through iOS and have had that airplayed to the big screen but it was not without its problems. Obviously one cannot use a mouse with iOS so that’s an issue… A dedicated app made from scratch allowing you to work from the apple tv would be interesting I think… but time will tell if users ultimately want this.

Only the 2. and 3. generation, not the 4.