Beta post is here ->

Downloaded and installed the BETA update and all went fine.

Do the manual and tutorial not reflect the changes made in the BETA?

Not yet, no; they’re still on version 1.2.5.

I have been away from Scrivener for about 6 months and have not done updates during that time. When I logged on today and tried to update I was told I did not have an internet connection even though I could connect to the technical support blog.

I then downloaded Windows version which seems to be working. Should I have first downloaded 1.2.5 or any other earlier versions or am I now good to go with 1507?

There’s no harm in jumping straight to trying the beta; just know that as it is a beta release with a set expiry date of Jan 12, you will need to re-install at that point, either the next beta or the official 1.5 release if is out then.