Scrivener for Windows 10 for Mobile

I realise the Windows Phone market is still firmly in 3rd place and the priority is always going to be the desktop version and rightly so, but with the advent of universal windows apps there might come a time when with a relatively small effort, a future version of Scrivener for Windows could be compiled to allow it to run on the Windows Phone/Windows 10 for Mobile, if not in small screen then as a continuum app (i.e. kind of a full desktop app). I note Word for Windows 10 does exactly that. Now I know you don’t have a fraction of the engineers available to MS, but if the effort was made to give some degree of functionality on mobile windows devices, I for one would very much welcome that and appreciate the effort that would have been made to achieve it.

All the best, and thanks for all the effort made already to bring a first class desktop application into existence. :smiley:

I just downloaded Scrivener last week, and it looks like a great solution for me, but there are a couple issues. First, I realize that we need to wait for a new major version to get support for HiDef displays…currently, it’s workable on my Surface Pro 3, but just barely. I can deal with it, if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

As a Windows Mobile 10 user, I too hope that you’ll be able to compile the next version as a Windows 10 Universal App and support Scrivener on Windows 10 mobile (and yeah, continuum) with little effort. That would definitely take things to the next level for me.

Another vote for Windows 10 Mobile…


P.S. Ink support for the scratchpad? I know, I’m asking a lot here, but you know :smiley:


See … i-displays

I note 6 months on from my original post, with Windows 10 now officially on mobile there is certainly the beginning of a trend for developers to compile for UWP (universal windows platform, i.e. PC, windows phone, xbox, hololens etc) and it’s now easier than ever with all the bridging tools Microsoft have released for free. It seems people are starting to accept that there is now one Windows 10 that is found across devices big and small. Also with the continuum feature it would be possible to bring the full Scrivener experience to the latest Windows phones and have it run full screen. I think there’s a real advance to be made here at some point, though I’ll understand if it’s not yet the developers highest priority, something to keep an eye on though.

I’ll preface this by saying that I’m a Linux developer so I may be completely wrong here.

The Microsoft UWP is based on the Microsoft development stack (C#, XAML, Xamarin etx) whereas Scrivener for Windows is based on the QT framework and written in C++. Porting that would that would be a major core, though it would potentially create a single-code base for the Windows device line. That would be great for the 150 people who use Windows Phone :wink:

Personally, I’d like to see an Android version and I imagine that quite a few of the 1.4 billion Android users would agree.

Joking aside, and OP (and his follow up email) has a point. QT’s only advantage is that’s its cross-platform but it looks terrible everywhere it runs with the exception of KDE Plasma. Since LitNLat have dropped Linux support, they may as well go all in on Windows and develop Scrivener using MS’s native toolkits.

Jesus, it’s come to this. I’m defending Qt. Just shoot me now.

I’m the last person to be happy about using Qt for a Windows native app, but there are other reasons for using it other than cross-platform use (perhaps even less so with the work that Microsoft has been doing in the last several versions of Visual Studio and Windows to make cross-platform development a happier thing). I believe that one of those reasons is that Qt provides a text/RTF engine that is much closer to the Mac experience, making it easier to port Scrivener to Qt on Windows. You’re not having to re-engineer the Windows equivalent to what are OS-X system-level libraries.

Yeah, it doesn’t sit well with me either, defending QT that is. It’s a very full featured toolkit but it looks awful!

Sorry for this late reply, but many thanks to ChrisRosser and devinganger for your replies.

Really interesting to hear why this may be difficult currently. I guess all 150 of us Windows 10 Mobile users of scrivener can continue to dream. Actually the HP Elite 3 Windows Phone will have a the ability to remote desktop in, so scrivener will kind of be usable on that device, well kind of…

But I’ll still hope that one day it could be compiled to run on all Windows 10 devices, I can see we might need to up that 150 number a little first!! :stuck_out_tongue: