Scrivener for Windows and an iPad (two Solutions)

I tried this out last weekend and it worked for me. It’s not a super elegant solution, but you can take an iPad out into the wild and work on your Scrivener draft.

Solution 1) LogMeIn Ignition. With this app, you can remote into your desktop and use the Scrivener on your PC as you would normally. It’s not optimal, but in full screen mode, it works perfectly fine.

Solution 2) I had to do this with my wifi iPad recently. Export the sections you intend to work on in docx format. Your formatting and everything should remain the same. Export to your Dropbox folder. On your iPad use Documents to Go to open the docx file from dropbox. All of the formatting should be the same. You save it as a new document, write to your heart’s content, and then save it back to dropbox. When you return home, import the new file from your dropbox folder into Scrivener.

Hopefully, that makes sense and helps some people. Like I said, I’ve used both methods in the last week.


If you keep all of your scrivener files in Dropbox, you can just access the files directly, they’re only RTF files. That way you can edit any page, any time, without needing to remember to export or import.

That’s what I do. The only issues are:
a) you need to find the file you want, as they are only stored by number. I usually want the one that has the last modified date.
b) it’s rich text but formatting might not go across. I’ve not tested it, I usually just write in plain courier without formatting.

Accessing the RTFs directly really isn’t recommended, as it can cause other files in the project to get out of sync–when you’re working in the program, Scrivener is updating more than just the RTF file when you make changes, but working externally, obviously this won’t happen. So you may end up with links lost or moved, for instance. Scrivener also uses some of its own RTF tags such as for annotations, so these will all be visible when you’re working and editing them will cause the annotation not to appear properly in Scrivener.

I can’t stop you from doing it, but please make sure you’re keeping regular backups just in case you need to fall back on an earlier copy. And no whining if you break something. :wink:

A very stupid question!

I can easily put the files (i.e. compiles) onto Dropbox - and I have Docs to Go. But I can’t work out how to open the file that I’ve saved to Dropbox using the Docs to Go app.

I want to be able to edit as well as read the compiles.