Scrivener for windows stops working on 3/25

Anyone else worried why there is no update or purchase option?

I would really hate to be locked out of my book project.


There’s supposed to be an update for both Windows and Linux on 3/25, so you should be fine if you have an internet connection all day tomorrow. Otherwise, don’t close Scrivener until you can download the update (I think that’ll work).

Here in N.Z. and AU it’s already the 25th. And Scrivener is still working.

Yeah, it’s the 26th that you have to worry. Keep it open before bed, and you should be fine, if there isn’t an update. :slight_smile:

Update on b21 just posted. No binaries yet, but everything is on schedule for a release this evening from AU time.

Thanks guys. I was really worried that i wouldn’t be able to access my project.