Scrivener for Windows sync capabilities

Is it possible for the Windows version of Scrivener to sync with index cards, etc. On the iPad the same way as on a Mac?

Sorry if this has already been asked and/or answered…

Not yet; but its on the long-term roadmap, as are all of the sync methods.

Okay, thanks!

Just wondering if there was an update on the Syncing with Index Card for the iPad functionality?


Not at this point; as Ioa said, it’s on the long-term list, so it won’t be until after the 1.0 release. Once we reach that point, Lee may be able to take a breath and then have a better idea of the time-frame.

Thanks Jennifer,

As it was seven months since the question was last asked, and I have no idea how much is on the long-term roadmap (is it publicly viewable?) or how far down the list it could, I thought it fair to ask.

Thanks again.

The initial roadmap is essentially, “Whatever the Mac version does”. Unfortunately that’s not of too much help unless you can play with the Mac version. Most of the main features are highlighted on the Scrivener web page; make sure to check under all three of the tabs, including “Features” and “What’s New”. Of course there are a lot of things that are not highlighted here, but that’s going to be the main list of big features. For a much more thorough look, the Mac user manual (downloadable on the Support page) goes into detail on just about everything.

Are the plans for supporting sync on windows version to iPad index cards any closer??


The iOS version of Scrivener will likely be around sooner, but that’s just a guess.