Scrivener forgetting activation code

Been happily using Scrivener on my PC for three years now. Was forced to upgrade to Windows 10 last week and now every time I open Scrivener it says it doesn’t recognize me and I have to go into trial mode. I reopen Scrivener and then put in my (old) activation code and all is well (til I restart Scrivener again). Anyone know what’s happening? Some setting I need to fix?

Upgrade to 1.9.16 and try again.

Sorry, that didn’t change the behavior.

Maybe you have the wrong license name or number?

Scrivener license recovery:

My license info is fine once I enter it, but having to close Scrivener, reopen, then enter the credentials, every time I open the product seems a bit excessive.

Still having the same problem. Is no one else having their activation code lost?

I am running a registered and activated version (07 July 2020) along side a trial of S3, under Windows 10, and do not have any issues with the activation of 1.9 not sticking between each time I run it – which is not very often.

You said you were forced to “upgrade to Windows 10” – did you do a clean installation, or did it upgrade it “in place” from an earlier version of Windows, e.g., Windows 8.1? If the latter – Did you need to reinstall Scrivener 1.9 from scratch, or was it “already installed” after you upgraded to Windows 10? If it was already installed, and you are using the same installation (or upgraded elements from that older installation) I can see how that might be the issue.

I would do a complete uninstallation of Scrivener 1.9 (maybe after first exporting any custom settings) then reinstall it fresh. It an be downloaded here. … os=Windows Though it sounds like you’ve already done that…?

Ah … did not reinstall Scrivener. That’s worth a try. Just have to figure out how to save all my editor and compile settings. Then again, I could go to v3. I imagine that might solve my problem as well.

Thanks so much!

Definitely worth a try to reinstall Scrivener if it’s an installation that has survived having W10 reinstalled in place. Maybe uninstall it completely first.

FWIW, I waited for S3 to be officially released before resuming working with Scrivener, having started with version 1. Overall S3 seems to be more polished. If you’re committed to the Scrivener platform, S3 does seem the way to go.

It is much better at exchanging text with Word and retaining styles and formatting, which is important for me. Still not all there on that count, but it is workable.