Scrivener Free Trial Download for iOS

I have not yet bought Scrivener and wanted to try the trial . The website indicates there is the 30 day trial. However, on iOS IPad I dont have an option for a trial download, or at least I dont see it.

Is the iOS trial download available? If so, how do I get the trial on my iPad?

Also, I understand you need a license for each platform. Just verifying as I assume MacOS and iOS are considered separate platforms. Is that correct?



There isn’t a free trial for iOS as far as I know — there isn’t an easy mechanism for it on the App Store apparently.

Yes, you’ll need a separate licence: so one each for iOS, Apple, Windows. But within each platform you can have it on as many devices in your household as you wish (within reason, I imagine, but I don’t know the limit).

There must be some way to do this in the App Store because Ulysses has a 14 day free trial I just installed that way.

The iPad would be my primary platform and I understand some features are missing in that version, so it would be REALLY helpful to be able to exercise a trial version.

The only way I’m aware of to do free trials in the Apple Store is to make your app free and then require the unlock with an in-app purchase, as discussed here:

Ulysses is a subscription product, so they give you a 14-day subscription for free. If you want it to work after that, you have to pay every month, or every year.

Scrivener is a buy-it-outright product, so they can’t give you a free subscription because there IS no subscription. You pay the fee for Scrivener, and you have free updates until the next major version. Given that Mac Scrivener has had exactly TWO paid upgrades in more than ten years, and Windows Scrivener none so far, you should be good for several years with your iOS Scrivener payment.

What some app developers do is put up a crippled version for free, and then let you purchase in-app to unlock the full version. Literature and Latte have not done that with iOS Scrivener. So yes, you have to buy it untried.