Scrivener freezes and/or crashes while moving scenes

Running Ubuntu 11.10 on an Asus EEE PC, 2gb ram and about 240gb hard drive space. Installed from the .deb and it mostly works well, but it does crash every time I try to move a scene from one folder to another. Kind of frustrating for organizational purposes. Just giving the heads up! Sorry if it’s been covered already.

Use ctrl+up, ctrl+down, ctrl+left, ctrl+ right to move your scenes.

That works, but my novel has so many folders and scenes that it’s really not the best solution. Hopefully it can be fixed eventually. :slight_smile:

So it’s just when you use the touchpad? Can you plug a mouse in? What happens, if you try to change things with a mouse?

While your xorg.conf file shouldn’t need to be changed, what’s it say under “InputDevice”?

Hi garpu,
I don’t know sickmuse, but I crash with the mouse, although more difficult than with the touchpad. It depends on how much a scene remains suspended without a location folder. In any case I have no problems. I usually use the shortcuts.

Right, but when you use the keyboard shortcuts, there isn’t a crash? If so, that sounds like a problem with how X is configured.

In case it’s useful: I am freezing then crashing infrequently when dragging / dropping folders in the binder. I haven’t seen this behaviour with any other application on my system.
Fedora 16 / xfce 4