Scrivener freezes opening folder *every time*

New problem for me after months of no issues.

I have a local project with 200-some smallish pages in it. Whenever I try and open that Project now, it automatically freezes trying to auto-open one of the pages within. The page seems to read 0 words (though I’m almost certain it’s a non-empty page). Scrivener gets stuck with the spinning load-wheel animation. But the document never opens.

Because it freezes on opening, I cannot do anything with the entire 200-page folder. And I can’t try and delete the page or open another page within the folder.

I’ve duplicated the folder locally and in Dropbox. Same problem, as it is automatically starting up trying to open the same page.

Other Projects work fine.

Is this a known problem? I really need to get access to the folder pretty soon.

Any news on this? I really need to get access to the folder ASAP (the specific page within the folder I’m not bothered about).

And, to reclarify, this is not a Dropbox Sync issue, like everyone else seems to be having: the folder is all local. In fact, all Projects I have are/were local.

If it’s that one page causing all the problems then there really ought to be a way to open a Project without opening the last page. And a copied Project should not auto-open the same document anyway, really.

Do you have access to Scrivener on a desktop system? Because both Windows and Mac OS have user-accessible file systems, troubleshooting what appears to be a problem with the project content will be much easier there than under iOS.


Thanks for the reply Katherine.

Unfortunately I run Linux, so that wouldn’t work for me. I’ve discovered, through massive trial and error, a temporary workaround since posting. If I select the Project with the iPad in Landscape mode the page loads. If I use Portrait mode it never loads.

I’ve since discovered some other pages won’t load too. The pages not loading all seem to have images imbedded in them.

I’m surprised that the problem doesn’t seem to have been encountered. I can replicate it every time - with that project - on my iPad, simply by loading one of those pages in Portrait mode.