Scrivener "freezes" when closing project / quit

Hi Everyone,

first of all: I really like Scrivener! It´s just a masterpiece. :bulb:

Hope you guys can help me.
Everytime I want to quit Scrivener via the menu or just close the recent project, Scrivener pops up this funny colored spinning wheel… and … would keep spinning till the end of days (or end of battery maybe). I can shutdown Scrivener only if i right click the Scrivener Icon in the dock and force the shutdown there.

I am using the MBP Retina and the latest AppStore-Version of Scrivener 2.
Edit: Running the furry Mountain Lion roar

PS: I´m really sorry about my bad english, as i am from germany.

Update to OS 10.8.2 solved the issue.