Scrivener freezes when I try to import a large Word doc

I have a 285 page Word doc that I’m trying to import into Scrivener (v 3.1.2). I created the Word doc as by downloading and converting from Google Docs.

When I import the doc, Scrivener just hangs on the import progress bar (see screenshot). I tried creating a new blank Scrivener doc and the issue persists.

Any ideas? … D3fc2wFr-c

Until someone comes along who knows more than I, I can tell you the things I would try:

  1. I would try whatever alternatives there are to importing the doc: for example, dragging and dropping the doc right into the binder. I woukd also try dropping it into the research folder rather than draft, just because these two folders has different and special constraints.

  2. I would open the doc in Word and save it as RTF and try importing that.


P.S. Is this a “complex” document would you say or just long? Just straight text or are there other elements like a lot of images?