Scrivener freezes with license server error message

Every day when I start Scrivener for the first time, I get the following error message: “Could not establish connection to the License server. Please try again.” Upon closing the message window, Scrivener freezes and I have to force quit it. Then I can restart it and everything works fine, including if I close and reopen it several times. But the next time I restart my computer and then open Scrivener, the same thing always happens. I have checked my firewall and the suggested solutions that I found upon doing a search on the forum for this topic, as well as checked that I actually do have a working connection at the time Scrivener freezes.

I’ve also filed a support ticket at Literature & Latte just now, I just thought I’d post it here as well in case someone with the same issue found a solution.
Windows 8.1, Scrivener (1463331) 64-bit (licensed).


What worked for me was to right-click on the Scrivener shortcut and select “Run as Administrator”. You might have to type in your license number, but that seemed to give it the kick in the butt it needed. You should only have to do that once; after that, I just started it normally and haven’t had a problem since then.

I read here that you can start it in Safe Mode with Networking, but this was faster for me so you can try that if my solution doesn’t work for you…

Thanks, mcoti, much appreciated, but I’m afraid I’ve already tried those suggestions, and they didn’t solve it for me. However, just now I discovered that if I wait 10 minutes before I start Scrivener after my PC have finished bootup, the problem goes away and Scrivener starts normally. Very odd, considering that no other software I use that also requires a network connection behaves like this. Well, anyway, it’s sort of a fix.

Technically, I don’t think Scrivener is supposed to “need a network connection” upon each run or day or whatever.
Perhaps contact tech support directly.
If I am not mistaken, this is a redundant issue.

Thanks, Vincent_Vincent, I’ve already contacted tech support about it. I just posted it here also in case someone had the same experience. But it’s not a huge issue. Scrivener have been working flawlessly for me in all other aspects for years, so I can live with this if it’s not resolved. Especially now that I figured out that it gets resolved if I wait 10 minutes with starting Scrivener after boot is finished.

That’s interesting. I have a weather app I use that sits in my system tray (WeatherBug), and quite often on startup it will tell me that there’s no internet connection, even though I know there is because my browser is working. If I wait 15 minutes or so, it suddenly “finds” an internet connection and starts working normally. I don’t know enough about Windows internals to understand why that would happen, but it sounds like a similar problem.

Vincent is correct - that network connection is not needed every time you start. Scrivener needs to phone home occasionally to verify that your license is still valid but it doesn’t do that every time you start. This is a known problem that a number of others have experienced, and the support team is looking into.

Anyway, glad you found a resolution even if it’s not ideal. I think once you get past it and the license is validated, you should be good to start the program normally without waiting the 10 minutes.

Thanks, mcoti. I don’t think it’s a license validation problem (or at least validation as such has never been the error message), but rather a bug in Scrivener where upon start (only right after a boot or reboot of the system), it fails to connect to the license server and this freezes it. Because of this bug, Scrivener needs time right after reboot before I open the app. After that, once my system is up, I have always been able to open Scrivener many times without problems. This is only connected to boot and the timing right after it.
There may be other variables in play, such as how my system is configured, and I’m curious if other users have the same problem: being unable to start Scrivener instantly after boot or reboot. But regardless, it’s ok, I can wait with opening the app after boot. I’ve had this exact problem for many months, so I’m just happy I figured out a workaround. Having every workday start with a crashing Scrivener was a bit of a drag lol