Scrivener freezing during quit and backup process

I’ve had this problem for awhile, and can’t find whether someone’s already written about this, so apologies if I’m duplicating a previous question. When I quit Scrivener, it always freezes during the backup process (backup to a zip file), and the only way I can stop the rainbow wheel is if I force quit (it says the application is not responding). All files seem to be saved, but it ‘hangs’ during this part. Thanks!

The most interesting thing is that, if I understand you correctly, you get a .zip backup that is fully functional despite the hang? You can drag a copy of the .zip to your Desktop, double-click it, get a project and load it successfully? That rules out a few potential issues, such as a corrupted Zip subsystem on the Mac, or a mammoth project that is simply taking many minutes to duplicate & compress.

Be that as it may, I would test with a blank starter project, just type in a few words and close it. Any hang on backup? That will help determine if it is a global issue or just something weird with your main project.

Next, enable more diagnostic information: Enable Show internal error alerts in the General preference pane. Open the Mac system Console and leave that running while you try to close. Getting any messages or pop-up windows? Lastly, you can actively scan what Scrivener is trying to do while it is halted, using Activity Monitor. Wait for the pinwheel of doom, switch to Activity Monitor, select Scrivener, and use the View/Sample Process… menu command. That will take a few seconds to run. Save the file to your drive and then send it in via our support e-mail address (or PM it to me here on the forum). If you e-mail, be sure to tag this thread URL so that the person who receives it can forward it to me.

Thanks, I got the sample file, and it does indicate that something has broken, it’s not just working for an extended period of time. The pieces of Scrivener code that are involved in the backup process have all aborted. So yes, I would try removing that PDF from the project that you referred to. It may not be a matter of size so much as a matter of there being an issue with it—and if that is the case you wouldn’t want it in there anyway as it could cause instability in ordinary usage as well.

The best way to go about this would be to open the project package itself while it is closed. Right-click on the project in Finder and select Show Package Contents. From here you should be familiar with the structure, from looking at projects on Windows. Navigate into the Files/Docs folder and drag the PDF file out. This will leave a harmless empty binder item when you open up the project.

Now see if the open/close cycle works better.

Thank you - I pulled out the file and while the pinwheel still comes up, it does eventually close in a relatively short amount of time. I appreciate your help!