Scrivener Freezing on "import image" and export to RTF

Hi, I’m writing my dissertation on Scrivener and have had some major problems in the past few weeks.

  1. When a chapter was due, the software simply completely froze when I went to export to rtf. I tried multiple times and it just wouldn’t export. I ended up having to copy and paste 50 pages into a Word document and manually re-insert every footnote.
  2. When I click “import image” to put an image into my document, the program freezes, and I have to force quit. This has already happened twice just today. Please help with these things, thank you!

First question that the experts will need is to know is what version of Apple OS and Scrivener are you using? All up to date?

Also: you might want to consider changing your profile name away from your email address. Spammers will get that and start sending you stuff.