Scrivener Freezing then Quitting?

I’m editing a document in Scrivener on my Macbook. I’ll be erasing a word and typing in another word and the cursor freezes in place (with the colourful wheel turning in place of the cursor to show that it’s ‘thinking/processing’), then it quits. I’ve restarted my Macbook and opened and closed Scrivener, but the problem persists.

Can anyone figure out what’s causing this?

I’d love to post the crash report, but it’s 600,000 characters, about ten times as much as allowed in a post.

The forum supports attachments, so you could save the crash log into a .txt file and then upload it (the tab is below the submit button). You could also just send it into our support address.

As to the problem itself, has anything changed on the system recently? Have you upgraded the Mac, any other software or Scrivener?

I’ve upgraded to OS Yosemite on the MacBook. I can’t recall any other upgrades that might interfere, and I’ve run bug sweeps through MacKeeper.

I sent the crash report through email to support.

Okay, then the first question I would have, having not seen the report yet: have you updated Scrivener to 2.6? That’s our Yosemite update, so you are strongly encouraged to do so if you have not. 2.5 has known bugs on 10.10, including crashing bugs like this.

Hi Amber,

I checked: I have Scrivener 2.3, so I might need to upgrade. Where can I find the upgrades? I bought Scrivener through Literature and Latte.

Okay, yeah you definitely should upgrade, that version is a few years old, and Apple has changed many things since that was released. :slight_smile: This is very easy to do, just click on the main Scrivener application menu and select “Check for Updates”, then follow the instructions to download and install the update automatically. If for any reason that doesn’t work, then just download a fresh copy from our website and replace your current version in Applications (while it is closed).

I’ve checked for updates and it’s now downloading 2.6.

I noticed that I hadn’t flagged ‘install updates automatically’, but I flagged that now.

Scrivener won’t start up anymore–the top menu appears, but when the cursor clicks on ‘About Scrivener’ the pop-up won’t appear, nor will the files open.

Should I download the new version from the website?

Edit: the pop-up appears and shows that I have installed 2.6, but when I open my file from recent files, the loading pop-up appears except that it’s not loading. When I move to Firefox to access the forum, the pop-up stays on top, and still doesn’t load.

Should I download from the website link above?

It does sound as though the update did not happen smoothly. We tested from 2.5 on various configurations, but not 2.3, so it might be something messed up. Go ahead and download & install from the link I provided above.

Okay, I downloaded the new version and the issues have vanished, so that’s all good now.

Thanks for your help!

Excellent, glad it was an easy fix!