scrivener freezing with imported web sites.

When I import a website into the research area, I am having trouble. I did a wiki page in 2 different projects. One of them fezzes up scrivener for a good 2 min and locks me out. The other is fine. I had saved the problematic one as html text. plain text would not work at all. I do not remember what I chose on the first one but I remember plain text did not work either. Also, no pictures, just broken link images.

  1. how do I stop or unfreeze scrivener when it is stuck on a task
  2. what is the simplest way to insert the web page so it does not freeze.

Sometimes if a web page is script-heavy, Scrivener can hang. Easiest way of dealing with those is to import it as plain text. you won’t get fancy formatting, but all the material should be there. Also, importing the web page as an image can load weird websites, too.

If Scrivener hangs, drop into the task manager and kill it, if the process isn’t halted.