Scrivener 'freezing'

I’ve just upgraded to the v2.4 today, and am noticing constant ‘freezing’ - generally clicking on a section of text, or trying to highlight it, the system will pause, then I get spinning-colour-wheel-of-doom for a few seconds, then it all comes back to life (very quickly doing all the actions).
I’m working in a pretty big document, but the previous version never did this - getting very frustrating after just 45mins - any ideas? :frowning:

Just rolled back to v2.3.1 and the freezing has gone away. Suggests something not quite right with v2.4 to me … ?

There is nothing particularly different about Scrivener 2.4 that should cause this, and it has been extensively tested over the past few months on many different machines with no such reports, so this is very strange. The first thing to try is deleting your preferences:

  1. In the Finder, select “Go to Folder…” from the “Go” menu, type “~/Library/Preferences” and hit “Go”. This will open the ~/Library/Preferences file.

  2. Locate the file entitled com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2.plist and move it to the Trash.

Then try running Scrivener 2.4 again.

I strongly recommend not rolling back to 2.3.1, as there is a data loss bug in 2.3.1 that has been fixed in 2.4. Instead, we should work out what is going on with 2.4 on your machine that is causing these issues.

All the best,

I also have hit the freezing phenomenon. I am writing a research paper with a results section that has about 8 graphs , all tiffs of 1 MB high res size. Wondered if it could be a memory issue ?. I could remove the graphs for the time being.

ps have tried deleting prefs to no avail.

I have the same freezing/spinning wheel problem every ten seconds or so, which blocks everything for 1 or 2 seconds and prevents me working. I am working on a relatively large file (150 MB) - a book I resumed working on, for final touch. I deleted the prefs as suggested with no result. Up to now I was very satisfied with Scriveer. If I don’t find a solution, I will have to move my files a less attractive application :frowning: