Scrivener Freezing

I’m going through the Tutorial (I use Win7). Twice I have clicked on Scrivener links and both times the application screen greyed out and I got an ‘unresponsive’ message. The first time, I was able to use Task Manager to stop the process and restart, but this second time, it’s just hanging. I didn’t see anything in the forums about this nor were any of my search terms helpful in finding any information. Can you help? :confused:

This isn’t an issue I’ve seen come up before, so I don’t have a solution off the bat. I’d try a fresh download and re-installation of Scrivener 1.6.1, since it could just be an issue of a corrupted installation.

Clicking a Scrivener link will split the editor if that’s not already done, so if reinstalling doesn’t fix the problem, one thing to check is whether you are able to split the editor yourself, by clicking the divided rectangle icon in the right of the editor header, or via View > Layout > Split Horizontally or Split Vertically.

The only Scrivener link I can think of that’s in the tutorial to start is the one to the PDF file, so if this is the only one you’ve been testing, try creating your own Scrivener link to another text document by selecting some text and right-clicking, then choosing from the Scrivener Link sub-menu in the context menu. If you then click that link, does it successfully load the file? On the flip side, if you just select the “spacewalk_info” PDF in the Research folder of the binder, does that fail to load in the editor?