Scrivener from AppStore and EWSMac.framework

If I purchase Scrivener from the Apple AppStore, will it still install the EWSMac framework from eSellerate?

No, because the AppStore version uses Apple’s validation schemes and doesn’t use any eSellerate code. Plenty of other programs install the EWSMac.framework though, and many programs will install other frameworks - there’s nothing malicious or bad in this.

One thing to bear in mind with the App Store is that you can only use it on Snow Leopard - as long as all the machines you will run Scrivener on run Snow Leopard, that’s not an issue though of course.

Thanks for considering buying!

All the best,

Thanks for the quick reply and the good news. Wouldn’t want to start a discussion on eSellerate and their framework, but let me add that this was the main reason I didn’t buy a license of Scrivener up to now.

Scrivener has a great feature set and clear vision of what it aims to be, yet what really impressed me was the open attitude like pitching alternative products and using open/accessible formats inside to avoid data lock-in. Keep up the awesome work!