Scrivener - from beginning to today - THE APP for WRITERS

First let me say that while this may seem cruel, I’ve come to believe that there are two types of writers in this world - Writers and Posers. Writers continue honing their skill of wielding the English language (or whatever language they write in – this standard also applies to coders as well, though Scrivener is not an application for coders) not because they are guaranteed a book deal or have mastered the art of publication politics in the USA and abroad, or for fame, fortune, or glory. True writers pull all nighters when they have established a good fkloe and are willingto sacrifice time, money, social relationships, indeed - whatever it takes to keep that flow steady and on track even if they only type one handed with four fingers… (as I do - for personal physical shortcomings I had no control over and dismiss them as eloquently and totally as both mind and body allow) or any other circumstances that demand they sacrifice whatever is necessary without a second thought on the solemn alter of Muse to write. Not for any other reason than the simple fact that their soul simply demands that they must - whether that be to what would be considered the social construct known and drawn from the single word Success, or by the modern standard of Success - they fail, but continue to do it. Every day of every week ofevery month of every year - regardless of outcome. If that defines you and your inner and insatiable desire to write, the only computer application you simply cannot live without is Scrivener.

My name is irrelevant, and I have yet to close a book deal, though I’ve been writing prose and fiction, log material since I turned 21, though my poetry was posted here and there on no-name inconsiquential sites that no longer exist long before any o my prose ever caught anyones eye. Regardless of all my backstory and that of every Scrivener user, if you know deep down in the deepest depths of your soul that you are a writer – Scrivener has been created, refined, and brought as close to perfection as one man can make it (because as far as I know Keith is still the only man that works on the Scrivener code. If this is not the case then you deserve credit for your hard work, but theres no changing the fact that Keith is responsible for giving Scrivener its name, its life, and ts purpose) - all for a very reasonable price compared to the competition, and a majority of the competition pales in comparison. I switched to mac when Scrivener was very much a wriers application, but nowhere near where it stands today. Today Scrivener is THE Application for writers, for several reasons… and hundreds more that I will neglect to mention because this post would be longer than all my works in progress combined. The best part about Scrivener, as far as I’m concerned centersw around two features - the block - the square cursor (which he added to the codebase at my genuinely desperate request - none of the big three applications slaved over by literally thousands of coders had ever considered the fact that LOTS of people with bad eyesight have a hell of a time finding the blasted sliver of a line thats considered the cursor for all), and the button that seperates writers from posers: THE FULL SCREEN GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY AND LET ME WRITE button that takes 99.8% of the interface and shoves it out of the way, and thus there you sit, nothing but a blank screen that can be made any color you like, as well as the font your using. The true writers will know true joy the moment they press this button for the first time and realize what Keith has done that nobody else has with such simplistic eloquence. If you truly want to be alone with what your writing (in my case with mood music looped to play in the background) Scrivener is the only writing application that makes it possible. No messing with m argins or fuaing with the header and footer, and adding a water mark - all the things that posers do before they bother to do what they bought and booted Scrivener for in the first place; and if your smart with your writing application you set it to autosave every second, and make backups tghnat truly capture what you’ve been working on and hang onto it for dear life. This is particularly important for people that live in an area where 8 months out of the year the power goes out just long enough to be HELL on earth - every time a cloud farts or theres a rainy / hurricane season such as there is here in Florida where if you love your mac you unplug it from A/C power and keep it on a solid surface made of anything but metal or any other material that conducts static electricity that could quite possibly wipe out something precious that you cant ever get back because you neglect to hit Ctrl-S every few seconds, and dont bother to m ake your notebook work for its charge cycles.

So - in conclusion, if you currently run windows (admitting that during a family gathering known as a computing intervention is the firststep toward the light and a full happy recovery) or thankfully already have seen the light and run any modern flavor of mac and happen to al,so be a writer that has used the likes of Word or an Opensource alternative – ANY word processor, you owe it to yourself to download the trial of Scrivener and immediately pay the ridiculously cheap registration fee immediately (and set your preferences so that Scrivener reflects how you do whatever it is you do with a large and small number of words alike, because Scrivener is NOT a word processor. (MOST IMPORTANTLY ITS VERY EASY TO TURN OFF AUTO COMPLETION AND CONVERSION of chunks of text into lists and tables and capital letters every new line and all uch complete binary nonesense) Scrivener is an application built from the ground up to help you write that pulitzer prize winning novel, or screenplay, or keep all your money paying blog posts, or your daily diary, or whatever it is you need to create a lot of and kee good track of where you’ve been, where you are now, and where yu WILL BE IN THE FUTURE, theres simply no two ways about it. Scrivener is a true writers best friend, and now that IVE found it ‘m NEVER going to stop paying for updates, no matter what they cost, because Keith deserves to be paid for his genius - in this case HIS code is nothing short of poetry. The compettion has been weighed measured and been found lacking in every respect that truly matters to a true writer. If for some reason you become infected and turn into a poser, I’ afraid there isn’t an innoculation that will save you, but ifyou dont like wha you see after you buy it all you have to do is say so and Keith will REFUND YOUR PURCHASE IN ITS TOTALITY.

I’m handicapped, and dying quickly - therefore I must return to Scrivener and ensure that my prose poetry and blog posts are completed, because Im not an incredibly talented man - Im just simply totally dedicatedto the art of writing. I doubt there are many that say that I’m really very good at what I do, but they will all atest to the fact that I love doing what I do - and none of the best of it would exist in its present form without Keith or his application called SCRIVENER. Posers need not apply, though you should buy the application regardless - and then you’ll be a well equipped poser. If this post hasn’t convinced you to buy the application and honor its developer I doubt anything will.
To Keith himself I would simply say keep the new versions coming, but shy from the temptation to digress and coceive anything close to resembling bloatware.

I remain your servant and humble beta tester should the need for one arise.
Most Sincerely,
(Formerly known as GimpusMaximus)

Beautifully put!

I am in the “if loving Scrivener is wrong, I don’t want to be right,” category.

Many thanks for your kind words (I remember your name but won’t use it seeing as you didn’t yourself :slight_smile: ). I appreciate your enthusiasm for Scrivener; it makes the hard work all worth while. And yes, it is still only me working on the Scrivener code. Although we’re now a two-man team, David has nothing to do with the development side of things.

Good luck in your continued writing!
All the best,

He is still alive, right? Haven’t heard from/of him since you went to SF.

He is. He just hides in his little office making up adverts, doing accounts and suchlike. He’s not very sociable.

Which is what most folks wish for in certain other members of the forum. Good to know he is still breathing.

There were moments in SF when I felt sure that I wouldn’t live to see the morn, but Keith spared me - only because he couldn’t bear the thought of the flight home alone. He now has me imprisoned in a dank cellar huddled over spreadsheets, keeping track of his trips to Staples, doing VAT returns and learning the nuances of InDesign. He does make a nice olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip to go with the dry bread he casts my way though, so all is well…

That’s actually a pretty good resemblance. What makes you think I’d allow him a window, though? That’s the sort of thing we’ll have to discuss at his first review. (Which must be due, come to think of it…)

Oh, what wouldn’t I give to be spat at in the face? I sometimes hang awake at night, dreaming of being spat at in the face… Terrific programmer, that Keith!

Why is he standing on his head?


What have I done.
I suddenly feel like the normal one here.
VIC-K!!! Help!!!