Scrivener froze and no I am having trouble even opening it

I was able to use 1.0 for a while, then it froze when I clicked on project target. It found my old project by itself. I read on the forum, and tried renaming my project, that worked for a while, but the it froze again when I clicked on project target. I posted this under another topic.

I uninstalled and installed again. It found my old renamed project and froze. It also takes forever to start up. I have to try several times before it works. I renamed my project again, and now it starts to an all blank page. It only says Scrivener - Tutorial on the top.

Tell me what to do!!! Please!!!

I managed to get it to open without freezing, but it takes 3 minutes for it to start up! I opened up my project and I am able to write, but I’m afraid to touch anything else as it might crash it again. How can I fix this?

I’m seeing the same problem. Running the sysinternals utility Process Monitor during startup, Scrivener is looking for the dll QtSvg4.dll hundreds of thousands of times before the Scrivener app appears on the screen creating a lot of churn. That dll used to be part of the distribution, but isn’t included with 1.0.

Hope that helps.

Update: After copying QtSvg4.dll from a previous installation, Scrivener pops right up on load.

But I deleted all my old files so that they wouldn’t interfere with the new version of scrivener. Can I download this from somewhere?

Sorry to be impatient, but I really would need some input from the support team now.

Is it a large project? It looks like there is some delay with the Project Targets opening, which might be worse if you’re on a slower machine and working with a large manuscript and causing Scrivener to go unresponsive. I’m looking into this. But it sounds like you’re having freezing issues even outside of trying to work with the project targets, correct? Is the project trying to load a full Scrivenings session when it opens? That’s something else that would be heavy lifting and might be making Scrivener unresponsive while it pulls everything together. If you can wait through the long load, and it is showing, say, the entire Draft as a Scrivenings session, try clicking just on a single document in the binder to change the display in the editor and then see if you can work comfortably in a single file at a time. (Make a backup of the project first by right-clicking the .scriv folder in Windows Explorer and choosing “Send to / compressed (zipped) folder” so that you don’t have to worry about anything happening by accident while you’re testing.)

dacaravaggio - The QtSvg4.dll isn’t included in 1.0 because Scrivener doesn’t use it. Did you completely uninstall any previous beta versions you had on the machine? It sounds like there might be something leftover from an earlier beta that’s interfering, since this library shouldn’t be asked for or necessary in running 1.0.

Thank you Jennifer!

First a confession: The fist time I downloaded 1.0 I hadn’t uninstalled the beta, so I uninstalled, there were some leftover files in the Scrivener folder that I then (after consulting you) deleted, and then I installed 1.0 again. I have uninstalled that once, and installed 1.01 because I thought that might help. I’m not really computer savvy beyond the basics. As you might have noticed.

All of the times Scrivener found my old project without me having to do anything, but then it froze. But since someone on here wrote that that might be the problem, I tried renaming it so that scrivener wouln’d find it and then open it from the tutorial (without understanding why this might help I might add). I was then able to use scrivener for a while, untill I clicked on project target. Then it said it wasn’t responding and that didn’t change even if I left it alone for five minutes or so. And so I went through opening it and clicking on end task and cursing inbetween for quite a while. It’s not really a large project (yet), 32000 words, but it seems that it opened up to a search instead of to the binder and I didnt notice because I was working in a collection, could that have been the problem? To open project target is still really slow, but if I am being patient and doesn’t touch anything for a minute or so (that’s a long time in front of a computer! :slight_smile:) it’s ok. Is it supposed to be like that? (Is this real life?) Was it just me being impatient that was the problem?

It seems to be working today, but painstakingly slow to open and do anything else but write. The beta was never like this. Granted I’m working on a netbook (Asus Eee, 1,66GHz, 1G) but still. Can I do anything to speed things up?

Thank you again!

I just realized the last search done is always available in Collections.

It looks like the main Scrivener app doesn’t use QtSvg4.dll, but Scrivener\imageformats\qsvg4.dll has a dependency on it. So when scrivener is loading the imageformats dlls and hits qsvg4.dll it goes on a wild goose chase looking for QtSvg4.dll that delays the load of UI by about three minutes on my machine (I have a long path, and hits every element in the path many, many times looking for it). It’s possible that other users have the full qt libraries on their path from another app, so scrivener can find it there.

Just to verify, I did a clean install on a VM (Virtual Machine) with only Windows 7 installed and saw the same behavior.

So the fix is to not include Scrivener\imageformats\qsvg4.dll in your installs. When I remove it, scrivener doesn’t hunt for QtSvg4.dll and the UI pops with no delay.