Scrivener Froze, I closed it. Appears to have lost a bunch of files.

I have quite a bit of research in my scrivener files. Perhaps it is not designed to handle a lot of files. I have never had a problem before with scrivener freezing, closing and then losing files. But that seems to be what happened today.

I lost maybe 40 files, all of which were created in the last two weeks. I have backups set ups to save to a particular folder on my computer. The file I work with current in Scrivener is called “The Project-4”. “The Project-4” when I open it from the backup location is missing 40 files. It seems to not have backup up in weeks.

I went under preferences > backups to set my backup preferences and was under the impression that files were backed up automatically.

I had it set up to back up on project close only and the program was not saving and or closing, just stuck on backing up files for forever. I had never had a problem with losing files, so I just restarted my computer. Is this why I lost my files?

Any way to get them back?

Do I need to be doing manual back ups instead?

Thank you!

First, there is a difference between saving and back up. Your open project is saved whenever you stop writing for a few seconds. Your backups are a number of copies of the previous versions of the same project, often in the form of zip files. So was it the saved, active project that was missing the files or the latest backup?

Secondly, if you had it set up to back up on close and you don’t find any backups for a few weeks, did you actually close the project during thise weeks? Or did you just close the Mac?

Just to add a postscript to lunk’s reply: Scrivener is very much designed to handle a lot of files. Some users have reported in this forum that the application successfully handles projects of 1Gb or more.

But there’s at least one thing to note about large projects with a lot of research files: they do take longer to back up. When you (or the application automatically) are saving your project in normal use, only a small number of files is involved, just the ones within the project that you’ve been using. So the process is usually quick.

But backing up involves saving everything in the project to disk or to the cloud and - depending on your backup settings - zipping it up. So backing-up takes longer - if the project is very large, potentially quite a lot longer. And if, for example, Scrivener is set to back up on close, the project is large, and the computer is switched off or put to sleep before the the backup process can complete, you may lose the backup.