Scrivener frozen after buying

Scrivener has worked perfectly as trial, but when I bought it and typed in the serial number, it freezes after the first prompt of Activation Needed.

Has anyone had the same problem in win10?

Are you connected to the Internet so it can activate?

Yes, I have internetconnection.

I uninstalled again, deleted the file on the harddrive and installed again.
Got a new message saying: Could not connect to network due to a failed network request.

Closed the app, opened again. Same problem as before…

Also recieved an email from esallerate saying that they have recieved my order.

By opening a Project from Dropbox, I managed to get into the app, but it´s still frozen.
Is there any way to manually activate my license?


By setting the computer offline, I managed to get hold of the activation code and could activate it with that.