Scrivener frozen - cant switch scenes


Last night once I was finished writing a scene, my Scrivener appeared to be frozen. I can still move my mouse and access the options but when I double click any of my scenes, research, etc., it doesnt open. I figured whatever, I’ll restart and it will be fine. Not the case. It showed me an access denied error screen and I couldn’t open any backups.

Anyway, I finally got my backup open, and its still frozen!!! What the hell?!

Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to solve it?

This kind of sounds like what I’m going through this morning. I started the program and noticed nothing wrong - until I needed to switch scenes/folders. That’s when it freezes and says the program is not responding. I have waited a good while, but nothing works except closing the whole thing. It restarts fine, opening not where I last closed it, but where the 1st session of the morning started. But it has still saved the changes.

Any idea what could be causing this? It makes it impossible for me to keep working.

I may be misunderstanding, but it sounds like In lsdninja’s case, Scrivener isn’t unresponsive generally and the problem is that clicking an item in the binder isn’t loading it in the editor. If that’s correct, I’d check first that the editor isn’t locked, with a reddish header bar. Click on the document icon in the editor header to access the menu and toggle “Lock in Place” (also under View > Editor). Locking the editor prevents binder clicks from affecting the editor, allowing you to work in the binder or with a split editor without accidentally switching the locked editor’s display. Unlocking it will go back to the normal behaviour.

KaFI, are you working with large Scrivenings sessions (loading multiple documents at a time, e.g. clicking a folder to view all its subdocuments)? That can take more time to load and uses more resources the more documents you’re stacking in the editor, so one thing to try would be switching to a single document, closing and reopening, and then trying some navigating just sticking to single documents as a test.

A lot of inserted images could also cause some slowdown, especially in combination with Scrivenings. Is that a potential factor your case?