Scrivener Fullscreen breaks Windows

Up till today, I’ve not seen this issue. I used Scrivener without issue yesterday and today. I even rolled back Windows to yesterday, when I wasn’t having the issue, and still experience it.

When I enter fullscreen on Scrivener, within a short time, all Windows context menus become transparent and laggy. So does the Windows taskbar and some applications like CMD and Powershell, unless the window is refreshed by dragging around the title bar. Little resource usage is reported, and the issue persists even after Scrivener is closed.

I didn’t realize Scrivener was the culprit at first. I used SFC, Malwarebytes, and even temporarily disabled Windows Defender and deleted its database before realizing the issue coincided with specifically entering fullscreen mode on Scrivener.

As it stands, the only way to return Windows to proper functionality is to reboot the system. Even restarting Windows Explorer doesn’t fix it.

This seems similar to what this user experienced, though I’m on an HP Envy laptop, not a Surface laptop.