Scrivener Fullscreen issues

Hello guys.

I seem to have run into a bit of a problem.
I got something cool to work on the mac version of Scrivener (version 2) but seem unable to replicate it under the Windows version for Scrivener (version 1).
In fullscreen or composition mode on Mac I wanted a black background like a linux terminal with green text and blue links.

To do this under Windows I tried Tools>Options>Appearance> and the Full Screen under Colors. Here I find Background and set it to black using the color selector. Text I set to a lime green and Page I set to black. Links are left at default Blue.

Now entering full screen mode going View> Enter Full Screen (F11)
Everything is black with a blinking green cursor which should be fine, except there are no text I can see, so it understood the background and page changes but not the text change.

Doing a selection I can see that all text is black even though I set it so that it should be green.
Oh well perhaps it´s only new text that are green, but no that too is black.
Now I could select all the text, right click > text color > Dark Green and now I can see it like I wanted it, but I shoulden´t have to do this for every line of text in my by now extensive draft folder of text that I want to be visible, I just want to look like I can, easily in Mac. And when I then exit full screen mode after having made these changes, then my black text on white background, like I want it to be in scriveners normal mode, have now turned the text to the green I wanted in fullscreen mode. I thought they operated independently like they do on the Mac. I hope you can fix this and push out an update.

Kind Regards

Nick Asselberghs

This is down to the different ways text is coloured (or not) on Mac and Windows, and by some individual programs. Windows allows text to be uncoloured, with a default colour “showing through” so to speak; this is how Scrivener can assign a default text colour for the editor without impacting the actual print colour of the text. On a Mac, text always has a colour. So where text may be colourless and displaying as black on Windows, it will truly be set to black on Mac.

In Full Screen on Windows, the default text colour (green, in your case) will display for text that has no colour assigned. Usually this means that new documents you create, or generally new text that you create, in Scrivener on Windows will display as green in Full Screen, while displaying in whatever your regular default text colour is in the main editor. Text that’s been created on the Mac, however–and new text that’s created following those paragraphs, since the text colour will be part of the continuing formatting at that point–is set to black, so Full Screen’s green won’t show through. The default colour in the main editor will also not show through, but if that colour is black it wouldn’t be noticeable.

Rather than setting the specific text colour to green to make it appear the way you want it in Full Screen, select the text and choose Format > Font > Text Color > Remove Text Color (or choose this from the context menu or, in the main editor, from the format bar). Once the text colour is stripped, the default colours in both the full screen and main editors will show through.