scrivener fullscreen mode casued crash of launchd?

Hello, I’m DJ.HAN

I upgraded my MacOS, 10.4 to 10.5 leopard. Also, I got your new version of scrivener.

Thanks for your work. But I think I found a bug.

H/W : Mac Pro (2.66Ghz x 2) / 4GB RAM / Geforce 7300GT
OS : MacOS 10.5
scrivener : v1.1

I wrote novel in scrivener full-screen mode.
But when I try switch other application, whole UI was dead randomly.
Mouse clicking wasn’t work. Also I can’t launch applications anymore.
Only solution is system power off…!

I was check log file. So, I found launch was crashed…! (attached log file)

This symptom was occurred when I worked in scrivener full-screen mode, randomly.
But crashed possibility was very high If I switched application frequently.

I think this is leopard only bug. Maybe, It was caused by leopard’s bug(graphic card driver, or etc).
But It’s very annoying symptom for me. Please check up this problem.

Thanks, Good Luck!

  • DJ.HAN -


There does indeed seem to be a couple of bugs in Leopard that cause odd switching between apps behavioiur. Unfortunately, they seem to be Leopard-related rather than Scrivener-specific. The bug you are talking about I have yet to encounter. A couple of other users have reported it, but I cannot reproduce it, and until I can reproduce it I cannot verify either way.


Hello, I’m DJ.HAN.

OK, I understand. But that’s bad news.
In this time, I cannot use scrivener in fullscreen mode. I wanna this (leopard’s?) bug will be resolved as soon as possible.

Thanks, Good Luck. :slight_smile:

Well, like I say, I’m not 100% sure this is Leopard-specific. But for me even to begin to check it out I need exact step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce this crash.