Scrivener going to old data

Didn’t see this exactly from my searching …

Running Nanowrimo trial on XP. Used my laptop early in Nov, accessing my project from a server. All the rest of my work was done on my desktop computer, using the same project on the same server. Copied the entire scriv folder to a thumb drive. (duplicate of what’s on the server.) Then I went traveling.

Copied the entire scriv folder to my laptop, ran Scrivener. It opened my project – but from the version I last used on the laptop. When I checked through my computer, what had been a 101K .scrivx file was now a 26K .scrivx file.

I tried using the files from the thumbdrive in case I had not copied all. Same behavior. Tried on a backup copy. Same behavior.

Is there a trick using thumbdrives I don’t know about?

This probably won’t always result in the situation you describe, but when you updated your laptop, did you remove the old name.scriv folder first, and then copy the new version in from the thumb drive? If you drag one folder over another it will attempt to Merge them, and that isn’t what you want as a basic merge isn’t aware of all the intricacies that go into a Scrivener project and will make a mess of things more often than not.

That may well be what happened the first time. But, the other times I made sure to delete all the scriv folders from my hard drive before I copied the scriv folder from the thumb drive, but the same thing happened.

Hmm, I’m not sure then what is happening, but one possibility: I’ve seen things similar to this happen before with flash drives—where the operating system seems to see an old version of everything. It has only ever happened to me if the device was not properly disconnected and then is reconnected at some later point. A reboot usually solves the problem. Maybe try that?

Sigh. There were windows updates waiting for me, so I installed those, rebooted, then tried again with Scrivener – still same behavior.

I was hoping to edit my NaNoWriMo novel while away, but I can’t while this is happening.

Does the NaNowriMo trial not support flash drives – or moving files between devices?

I’m fairly certain this doesn’t have anything to do with Scrivener. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t somehow hold old versions of your project anywhere. It only loads what it is given off of the storage device that is provided, so whatever bytes are on that device is what it loads. If the project looks old when you open it then it is old on the device. I’m not sure why that is—it could be any number of problems—but somehow whatever is on that Flash device isn’t what you meant it to be and there isn’t much that Scrivener can do about it, unfortunately.

Are you still running the NaNoWriMo version of Scrivener? Try uninstalling that and then downloading and installing the 1.0.3 trial from here. There was an old bug with the .scrivx file getting incorrectly flagged, which doesn’t quite sound like what’s happening here–in that case it would look like it was 0KB and not open at all, not just open an old version–but maybe something weird related to that is going on, in which case updating Scrivener and then once again copying from the flash drive and opening may fix it. (I’m assuming from the descriptions that you’ve always been copying from the flash drive and opening the copied version from your local disk rather than opening directly from the flash drive, so the version there shouldn’t have been misflagged in any of this if that is the problem. On which note, when you look at the project on the flash drive itself, do the files look correct, i.e. the .scrivx appears larger and so forth?)

Thanks all. Your responses helped me eliminate Scrivener as the problem. That left that good old standby – user error.

I had somehow not copied over all the Scrivener files onto the flash drive. I went back to the source, recopied all the files, and everything ran smoothly.

I appreciate all the help!

Hum! Glad you’ve got everything working now. In future, you should be able to just copy the entire .scriv folder in a chunk and move that–with the caveat that you’ll want to first remove the old one from the external drive, so you don’t end up with Windows trying to merge them instead of doing a full overwrite. Creating a zip of the .scriv folder and putting that on the flash drive will work around that problem as well, since Windows will treat that as a single file, so an old .zip will get overwritten completely by one of the same name. Then on the other computer you can copy that off to the local drive, extract the contents, and open the project as normal.