Scrivener Gold Conflict

So - I read the instructions after I’d downloaded 1.0 - no Scrivener Gold on my iMac - erased a while ago. So I installed 1.0. Couldn’t open the tutorial - checked back - and there it is - an old version of Scrivener Gold! I assume that the tutorial is in one of the new .scriv formats which is why I can’t read it. Is there anyway to undo what I’ve done please? :blush:

This probably is not all necessary, but it should clear up the problem:1. Do a Spotlight search for “Scrivener” and delete the version of Gold you had

  1. Empty the trash
  2. Log out and then back in
  3. Try double-clicking on the tutorial file again. If it complains about not finding the application it needs to open the file, select it
  4. Press Cmd-I to get info
  5. Open up the “Open with:” section if necessary and use the drop down to select the new version of Scrivener
  6. Click “Change all…” button and confirm the dialogue
  7. Close the Info panel
  8. Now it and all other legacy files should work.
    You should only have to do this once, and I’d be surprised if you even have to do all of that.

Oh, forgot to mention that you might want to drag out a new copy of the Tutorial file from the DMG, just to be safe. That would eliminate a number of steps, and it would make sure that the tutorial file you have is not accidentally damaged by Gold. I’m not sure if it does anything to the Project that might mess it up.

Thanks very much.

I got nowhere with the list you gave me - it just kept telling me I had a Write Only Project. But when I copied a new version of the Tutorial from the DMG THAT one opened fine.

That’ll teach me to follow instructions…

Once again, thanks