Scrivener Gold - minor update released

Hello folks,

I have just uploaded a (very) minor update to Scrivener Gold. Although Scrivener Gold is a dead parrot these days and very definitely not in active development (because it has been superseded by the new Scrivener betas), this update was necessary to address incompatibilities between SG and S1. The previous version of SG did no version checking, which meant that it could try to open a project that had been created in S1. This was very dangerous, as this would immediately corrupt the project in such a way as it would not be able to be opened properly in either version of the app. This is why - until now - I have strongly recommended that you erase SG from disk before using S1. This should no longer be necessary. Scrivener Gold will now refuse to open projects created in the new Scrivener betas.

If you need or want a copy of Scrivener Gold around, or if you have decided to stick with Scrivener Gold but there is a possibility that you may upgrade to S1 and some time in the unforeseeable future (spot the oxymoron), please download the update. Please make sure you completely erase any extant versions of SG hanging around your machine so that you will only ever use this new update.

The update can be downloaded via the Free Stuff page, or directly from here: … erGold.dmg

All the best,