Scrivener Gold vs Scrivener (when released)

I just found out about Scrivener today. A rational person would probably wait the week or two until the official Scrivener is available for purchase, but that wouldn’t be me. I downloaded and installed Scrivener Gold and love it so far! I write for a living, and am currently revising a novel, have been looking for a good outlining program for writers for ages. Most recently I tried SuperNoteCard, but it ate my work just before a deadline (including the backup).

I’ve plunged into using Scrivener Gold to work on my revisions. I use an Intel Mac; Scrivener has crashed once on me so far, but I didn’t lose anything so I’m happy. Can I assume that my files will work with the release version of Scrivener, when it comes out?

And THANK you for making Scrivener Gold available!


Hi Debbie,

Why don’t you just use the new Scrivener beta (you can download it from the Beta Testing forum below)? Beta 5 is pretty much exactly what 1.0 will be like, aside from lacking some of the help pages and a few very minor tweaks. The beta runs until 31st January, by which time you will be able to buy the release version.

In answer to your question, though, yes, you can open Scrivener Gold files in Scrivener. If you download beta 5, you will be able to test this out for yourself. I strongly recommend trying out the new Scrivener beta rather than using Gold, as Gold hasn’t been updated for some time and the new version is much more stable.

All the best,

Yes, Debbie, as Keith says, beta 5 has been extremely stable for me and for others as far as I know. I’d call it ‘rock solid’ in my experience.

Thanks for the advice! I will look for a link to Scrivener Beta and use that instead, then.


Try: … .php?t=862