Scrivener hangs on compiling

I have a book that I’ve been working on for over a year. I started it in Scrivener. I’m using the App Store version.

When I try to compile for kindle or even a doc file, the blue bar graph goes, then it says converting file and never stops. I can still move the mouse, even cancel the operation. When I press compile again, the window pops down and shows the stripped progress bar going, like its still trying even after the cancel.

The program is in an unstable condition at this point. When I select folders there is no text, and folder icon changes to blank. Only closing and opening the app again, brings the text back.

I’ve tried reinstalling from the app store, deleting pref files, rebooting. Nothing helps. I’ve tried the same file on my macbook air and it compiled just fine.

Both macs are the latest 10.8.2. The trouble computer is a new mac mini, that I just migrated to from a Time Machine backup.

I did check the folder permissions are ok, and the kindlegen is allowed to run outside of scrivener. Although no compiling is working at this point. Not even a doc file.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this further?



I heard back from tech support.

It was the preference files, but the mac app store version installs them in a different location.


Removed them and restarted Scrivener and all is well.