Scrivener hangs on importing a particular non-corrupted Word

Hi there,

So I’m trying to get a draft of a document from Word imported into scrivener to work on. (Most current version of Scrivener, on most current version of OSX.) And it keeps hanging on import with the following screen. [SEE ATTACHED SCREENSHOT]

Every other file I’m trying to import into this notebook has worked fine (all the “recovered files” are from where I’ve tried to import multiple files at once, and it’s hung trying to import the one problem file).

“Ah-ha!”, you might think, “clearly this one file is corrupted somehow!” And I was thinking that too, except that I can open the file in question in MS Word, as well as in Pages. I’ve also tried re-saving the file as .doc (rather than .docx), and as rtf., through both MS Word and Pages. All versions of the file are openable by everything except scrivener. I’ve even managed to open the RTF file in apple’s stupid little textedit application, and then copied and pasted it into Scrivener, which works fine except for losing the footnotes. Which would be fine, except that I need the footnotes.

Also, Scrivener CAN import it from pages, in Pages format—just not in editable fashion; for some reason it opens it read-only from Pages format.

So, uh, what is going on here? Everything works with the file except importing it in an editable format in Scrivener… if I had to guess, the Word file has some kind of feature or field code or macro or something which is persistent through conversion to RTF and which every app in the world except Scrivener can handle. But that seems pretty unlikely. Help?

One possible clue is that I believe this document was originally created with the new MS Word app for iPad…

It may not be a matter of corruption so much as unexpected formatting causing problems in the third-party converter we use (much higher quality than the base OS X converters, which is what TextEdit is using). I bet if you went into the Import/Export preference pane and disabled improved converters at the bottom, it would import without hanging anything—but the quality would basically be the same as TextEdit (no footnotes), so that isn’t a work-around for you—I mean to suggest trying it merely as a diagnostic step. If it crashes with the Aspose converters disabled, then we at least know it isn’t that.

Is the file something you could send in for bug testing? If we can get it to reproduce on our systems as well, it may be Aspose can fix the bug in their converter and eventually Scrivener will no longer get hung by it.

Thanks AmberV.

So this is interesting: I tried the setting you suggested, plus additionally selected the box to import footnotes in RTF as inline, and then could successfully import the RTF, including footnotes, albeit (as noted) as inline text.

Then I unchecked the inline footnotes box, and tried to import the RTF that way, still with enhanced import off. It hung again.

So I guess maybe we’ve narrowed the problem down to something with the footnotes? Anyway, I’m happy to send along the file for y’all to take a look at; to what e-mail should I send it?

Very interesting! Indeed, there must be something in one of the footnotes that is giving Scrivener’s more complicated sidebar version some troubles. We could probably figure out what is going on, our e-mail addresses are on the support page. Just be sure to reference this thread URL so that the person that gets it can flag it to me.