Scrivener hangs on New Project window []

Occasionally when I open up Scrivener, the New Project screen just freezes. I can’t click anything, and when I do, the whole thing just fades white and says “Not responding” at the top. It stays like this until I click the Close window button, at which point a message flashes up then disappears quicker than I can read it.

Is it trying to check for updates? Or validating my licence, or what? It’s getting annoying. :cry:


Pretty sure it’s not an issue with my PC or network:

Intel I9-9900K CPU, Nvidia RTX2070 graphics card, 32GB RAM, 500GB SSD, Windows 10.
Network is 330Mbps FTTP via 802.11ac WiFi.

I am experiencing almost the same thing. And it just starting today for me. Yesterday, no problem at all.

For me, it happens inside of an existing document. Every 5 seconds or so, it seems like the program is doing some back ground work. It hangs. And “not responding” appears in the top bar.

THIS IS SERIOUSLY IMPACTING NANOWRIMO numbers for me. I was on a MASSIVE ROLL and have now hit a wall. please fix this ASAP.

(sorry for all caps, trying to get someone’s attention. lol)

I’ve had this problem off and on for a bit now. I kill the application in my Task Manager and open again. The second time is usually successful. I notice that every time I’ve had to do that, there is another process called “Paddle” which is open, too.

Today I’ve had MASSIVE keyboard lags – and only in Scrivener. At one point, I had to wait more than 30 seconds for a single sentence I typed to appear. :imp: Color me unhappy. I feel for the NaNo-ers (NaNo-ites?) who are struggling because of this!