Scrivener hangs on opening any project and also on trying to create new project

HELP! I have the Scrivener 3.1.1. build 9852. Running on Macbook Pro, OS 10.14 Mojave. I DEPEND ON SCRIVENER FOR ALL MY WORK! But today for the first time ever, Scrivener won’t open any existing project, and won’t open any new project ever. I just get the spinning beachball. Forever. All I can do is force quit. I have tried to open projects stored in Dropbox, and projects stored on the Mac’s hard drive. I have tried to create new project on the local drive. Nothing works. Scrivener has just given up. The spinning beachball never goes away. WHAT CAN I DO???

Launch without loading any projects by holding the Shift key when the program starts.

If you still get the beachball, reinstall from a fresh download.

If that doesn’t help either, open a support ticket:


Thank you Katherine. The shift key trick helped. But only after I restarted the Mac. I am so relieved!