Scrivener hangs with two open projects

When I open two projects at the same time, they become (almost) totally unresponsive after a couple of minutes of use. Sometimes they react after a couple of minutes more (very slowly) or they are just hanging.

One is my own project, that is somewhat big and the other one is the interactive tutorial.

Scrivener Version: Beta (1048377) 64-bit - 14 Sep 2020
Windows 2010 home 64 bits.

Exactly how large is the larger project? And are you certain this only happens when the two projects are opened side-by-side, or do you notice strange behaviour when you’re working on the large project alone?

I’m not able to reproduce this…I had 3 of my biggest projects open, one of them displaying the entire manuscript in Scrivenings mode. No hang or crash. Do you have a lot of pictures? How much RAM do you have?

In a large project, if all your documents are right under Draft/Manuscript, Scrivener will be slow. Put a few folders under Draft or Manuscript (whichever one you have), and put your documents into them (a hundred each is fine; there isn’t an exact number, but don’t overload them. When I still had 8G of RAM, I could run 125 or so per folder without bogging down. Haven’t tested it since. I believe it depends on the resources available). It should respond much faster (may take a while to move them). Same goes for documents in any other folder. Put them in a folder beneath the root folder.

We had a thread about this some time back (over a year ago, I think), but I cannot now find it.

Pictures will also slow Scrivener down.

353.000 words.

When only one project is open, everything seems normal.

I don’t have pictures in my project 353.000 words. The other one is the tutorial and I don’t know how many picturesthere are.

I am not sure how much RAM, Now I have 16GB, but I might have had 8 when I posted this, since I switched laptops. With now I don’t have this problem anymore.